The company is committed to strengthening the relationship between Japan and Mongolia, interesting Japanese culture and traditions into the honest and committed nature of the Japanese people, and providing a fair service that is environmentally friendly, customer and customer trustworthy.

Our experience

  • Retail, industry, mining
  • Project management
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Tourism and travel – Economy
  • Access to media for proper market placement – marketing channels


Discover and connect between them Mongolian and foreign businessmans and companies

Increases the export and import of Mongolian. And the vision is a company that has contributed to the development of the country


Mongolian – Japanese mediation – bridge between Mongolian and Japanese SMEs

Labor force export to Japan

Inbound tourism  from Japan

Construction and urban development

International trade market

The law

1,566,000 km2

A friendly travel environment

1 hour difference

A favorable business environment

Welcome to busines

Culture of communication

45 years

Cooperation between 2 countries

About of Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked country in Central Asia and East Asia, located between China and Russia. The terrain is one of mountains and rolling plateaus, with a high degree of relief. The total land area of Mongolia is 1,565,616 square kilometres. So the mining is one of the developing countries.

Mongolia has a long tradition of raising livestock in the vast territory. This is based on a system of pastoral herding consisting of five kinds of livestock. … A total of 44 million livestock were reported, made up of 277,100 camels 2,221,300 horses, 2,599,300 cattle, 19,274,700 sheep, and 19,651,500 goats. So this country is a country that produces hides, wool and cashmere products.